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Getting The Most Out of Your Weekly Treatment

Hello beauty babes and WELCOME! Thank you again for all of your love and support!

I'm coming at you after a few weeks of fighting some dry, brittle, breaking hair. This is partially my own fault, as I've been so crazy busy I haven't given it the time and attention it needs and I want to help you avoid the same issue! I'm talking weekly deep treatments. NOT to be confused with the treatments done in salon (those are a different ballgame) but the treatments your stylist recommends you take home and do consistently seeing as we can't go live in your house with you! Thinking of investing in a deep treatment at home? Let me walk you through a few things. To start things off, your weekly treatment should be thee things:

1. Catered to YOUR specific hair. There isn't a one size fits all and there are a lot of options you should talk to your stylist (even if it isn't me) about and get a recommendation! I will link some of my favorites below and which hair problem they best correspond to

2. Concentrated and formulated with high potency, effective ingredients. Yes, sometimes this means you will have to invest some money on your treatment but the good news is that most are so concentrated they last forever because you only use a small amount!

3. Used CON-SIS-TENT-LY! You will not get the results you are looking for if you're only reaching for your treatment every 4-5 weeks. Consistent use equals consistent results. Don't invest your money only to have it sit in your shower, you want it to work for you!

Okay, perfect. When you've purchased what your stylist recommended for YOUR hair packed full of AMAZING hair loving ingredients and have the will to use it consistently, here are some other tips I have for you to get the MOST out of it:

Don't be afraid to sleep in your treatment. This is especially true for overproessed blondes, or hair that's very dry. I generally recommend shampooing with your favorite clarifying shampoo to remove ALL impurities and build up, applying and combing through your treatment and braiding into a low, loose braid to sleep. Wake up, shampoo again and you're good to go!

More product does not equal a better result! It actually will just lead to more frustration because you're having to replace your product more often, spend more money when you could be using a fraction of the product and have it do the same thing. Apply the bulk of your product at the ENDS of your hair (where it's generally needed the most) and work whatever is left over through the top. Comb through and trust that it's enough!

Again, consistency is key. I see the absolute BEST results when my clients are consistently treating their hair over a period of 5-6 weeks. You'll feel instant results, but the long term hair healing happens over some time. Stick with it, girlfriend!


Here are 4 of my favorite treatments for all different hair types and problems:

1.) Fine Hair: My clients with skinnier hair texture FREAK OUT at the thought of a weekly deep condition. In their experience, it tends to weigh the hair down and make it feel finer than before. Totally understandable, but I've found a serious favorite for fine hair! It helps to keep hair healthy, but works it's magic at the scalp too to help regenerate new growth and grow it long and strong!

2.) Blonde Hair: This is the hair that needs the MOST love and care. Although totally beautiful, it has been through A LOT and in order to keep up a healthy blonde, it must be treated from the inside out. Keratin treatments are seriously taking over, because they start from the core, healing from the inside and allowing to do so much more with hair! I've found a new ride-or-die treatment that I perform with EVERY blonding service, and recommend at home use to keep it up!

3.) Dry/Color Treated/Heat Styled Hair: This is for the day to day, colored hair that's styled multiple times a week using a heat tool. Hair that at the end of the week feels a little bit frazzled, a little bit dull and in need of some hydration. This is one of my FAVORITES both in-salon and for my guests to take home!

4.) Curly/Thick/Coarse Hair: This type of hair needs some serious moisture, colored or not! It tends to be the most thirsty and can tend to get the frizziest and hardest to control when it's feeling dry. This hair type can also stand to treat up to two or three times a week to keep it feeling soft and shiny!

I hope that this was helpful! I believe that investing in good at home care products for your hair is EVERYTHING and I will always be here to help you navigate through what's best for you and give it to you at the best possible prices! Happy treating!

xoxo, Kaila

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